A Brief History Of Noffsinger.org

Noffsinger.org has a long history as a niche genealogy site maintained by me.

1997: A site called Ben Noffsinger’s Genealogy web site was published at http://u.cc.utah.edu/~bnoff/genealogy. It contained information on Ben\’s genealogy that was generated from a gedcom.

1998: The noffsinger.org domain was registered and the site moved.

1999: The site begins to offer more information of general interested by including information of the book “The History of the Nafzger Family in America”, including images of the complete book.

2002: The site adds more information on the Nafzger surname, including many issues of the Nafzger Heritage News.

2003: The site moves to a more dynamic environment that will make it possible to include many convenient features.

2020: Blog introduced. Facebook group.

May 2020 Site Updates

Let the modernization begin. I will be documenting changes in the site using blog posts so that if you are looking for some content you have seen in the past you’ll be able to find it (or understand why I removed it). This will be a living post for the month as I make changes, I’ll update it.

Here are the changes to the Noffsinger.org site for May 2020

  • Removed the ability to post to the Guestbook. Why? Because I’d like you to use the Noffsinger.org Facebook group instead. You’ll still be able to view the old posts.
  • Approved a slew of Guestbook posts. Some have been waiting quite a while, sorry.
  • Removed the old Guest Map. It relied on a third party site that is no longer functional. I have no archive or way to retrieve that old content.
  • Remove references to the AQ Collaboration Database. I never followed up on this and I apologize to any who purchased Ancestral Quest solely to collaborate. I hope you found the program useful none the less. My preferred way to collaborate is Family Search, but I do hope to provide some collaboration tools in the future to help us all find interesting links across our trees.
  • Added several links to the Noffsinger.org facebook group. This is a private group. Just click the link and request to join the group.
  • Added this blog and did some rudimentary styling. I expect to make this look more similar to the existing Noffsinger.org branding soon — I’ll do that for the FB group too.
  • Site search fixed – The old Atomz driven search no longer works, so I’ve put in a google search that will search noffsinger.org, this blog, and the Nafzger Heritage News pdf files hosted on rootsweb.
  • Removed banner ads with affiliate links that no longer work.
  • Removed the Links page from the main menu. Many of these links don’t work and the page will simply be deprecated.
  • A new home page is under contruction. You can try it here.

Welcome to the Noffsinger.org Blog

This blog represents an effort to morph and modernize the content of Noffsinger.org. What started as a quick hobby project while I was at college in 1997 because a meanfully way to access a few important resources for Nafzger researchers and those that were simply curious about our family name. The web site, like this blog, is the work of just one person. So lofty ideals I had for the site never materialized and the world has moved on. In order to allow me to quickly contribute content and reduce the burden of maintaining the legacy content, I will move most of the static content of the site here.

I hope that the new content is also useful. I also hope that the Noffsinger.org group on facebook provides a venue for us to connect with each other in a way that the old website never did. Here is to the future of Nafzger family history!


Ben Noffsinger